April 2018

Press Release – FL SAFE Celebrates 10 Years

Orlando, FL – April 17, 2018 – The Florida Surplus Asset Fund Trust (FL SAFE) proudly celebrates 10 years of service to Florida municipalities.  FL SAFE is a AAAm rated local intergovernmental investment trust (“LGIP”) created in 2007 by Florida local governments seeking to enhance their investment safety, liquidity, transparency and yield through the benefits of scale in pooling investments and financial services. (More...)

Credit Quarterly – Banking industry and credit markets news. (More...)

Investing in a Rising Rate Environment
By: Brian Hextell

March 2018

Press Release – PMA/WISC Achieves Significant Milestone

Milwaukee, WI – March 29, 2018 – PMA Financial Network, Inc., PMA Securities, Inc. and Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. (collectively “PMA”) and the Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC), achieved a significant milestone by reaching $2 billion in assets in WISC and its Fixed Rate Investment programs as of March 26, 2018. (More...)

Utilizing Political Subdivisions as a Stable Funding Source, March 27, 2018
Posted with permission by CUInsight

By: D. James Lutter
Co-author: Todd Terrazas

Press Release – Prudent Man Advisors Welcomes Pat Harris as Vice President of Customer Solutions

Naperville, IL – March 7, 2018 – Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. (“PMA”) is pleased to announce the addition of Pat Harris as Vice President of Customer Solutions. As an SEC registered Investment Adviser, Prudent Man Advisors provides investment advisory services to public entities and local government investment pools (“LGIPs”).  As a fiduciary, Prudent Man Advisors works with cities, counties, school districts and other municipalities in solving their investment challenges through separately managed accounts. (More...)

Deposit Composition and Funding Channels
By: D. James Lutter
Co-authors: Todd Terrazas and Nolan Meehan

Market Update: March 2018

 Investment Advisory Services Market Update June 2017

Inflation Remains Below the Fed's Target

Some measures of inflation have risen at a faster pace in recent months, but overall, inflation remains relatively low. In a report released on March 1st, the Fed’s preferred price gauge, core personal consumption expenditures (PCE), excluding food and energy, was up 1.5% from January 2017. Read more...

Market Update: February 2018

 Investment Advisory Services Market Update June 2017

Future Fed Hikes Being Priced Into Market

The Fed Funds Futures market has almost fully priced in three rate hikes by the Fed in 2018. The Treasury market is also pricing in future moves by the Federal Reserve as yields have increased considerably over the past two months. Read more...

Market Update: January 2018

 Investment Advisory Services Market Update June 2017

Strong 2017 Market Returns 

Equity and Fixed Income markets produced strong returns in 2017. In equity markets, the US Total Market Index rose over 21% as global economies strenthened producing even larger gains outside of the U.S. Read more...

January 2018

2017: A Brief Recap and the Effect on Financial Institutions, January 24, 2018
Posted with permission by CBInsight

By: D. James Lutter
Co-author: Todd Terrazas

CFO Focus: Should You Be Serving Political Subdivisions?
CUES Publication, Vol: 41 No. 1 - January 2018
Posted with permission by CUES

By: D. James Lutter
Co-author: Todd Terrazas

Market Outlook – Prudent Man Advisor’s 2017 market outlook called for improved returns for short-term investors and limited returns in the fixed income market with higher prospective returns for U.S. equities. While the trend and direction of our estimate has thus far proved correct, an improving global economy, stronger corporate earnings and the halo of prospective tax reforms pushed equity and credit markets above their respective targeted returns. (More...)


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